BREAKING: Former Sierra Leone Veep Defies Govt Threats Of Restrictions, Storms Kono

Sam Sumana in Kono

Former Vice President of Sierra Leone, Samuel Sam Sumana, today called the bluff of the government by stepping out in style to his home town of Kono.

The government of President Maada Bio and the Sierra Leone Police Force last weekend prevented the former vice president from going through Port Loko after jetting in to the Lungi Airport from overseas trip.

The Sierra Leone Police Force had in a statement said they prevented Mr. Sam Sumana because he was going to address a crowd at a football match in a 20-car convoy which was too much.

In an interview with the Voice of America, the former vice president debunked that assertion saying he was never going to address any crowd whatsoever and that there was no law in Sierra Leone that “gives a limit to how many cars a citizen should step out with.”

“The people who came to the airport are my fans and supporters. What the police and the government are doing is terrorism and deploying violence to restrict my movements,” he said.



“Today, Mr. Sam Sumana has defied the odds and drove through Freetown as any citizen can do within the limits of our Constitution,” a staunch supporter said.

As at the time of filing this report, thunderous crowds of Kono indegenes have trekked to welcome Mr. Sam Sumana at the outskirts of the diamond-rich eastern enclave of Kono.

Police are visibly seen at the scene but have today not attempted to fire tear gas and live bullets.

Many Kono indegenes regard the former vice president as their saviour to deliver them from the clutches of poverty and under-development.


Kono residents have long complained that in spite of the economic potentials that their region supplies including billions of dollars of diamonds, their place is still ramshackled in lack of potable water, health, educational facilities as well as other social amenities to make life and human existence meaningful.

Party bigwigs of the Coalition for Change, which Sam Sumana heads, tell that their leader is visiting home to spend some time with Kono brothers and sisters and have meaningful dialogue on the way forward in forging a united and peaceful Sierra Leone.

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