Beyoncé Is An Icon – Adina

Adina Thembi

Winner of 2018’s Vodafone Ghana Music Grants Best Female Vocalist, Adina Thembi Ndamse better known by her stage name Adina has uncovered in a meeting that American artist, Beyonce is her godlike object.

Adina likewise expressed that the dedicated idea of the world’s best living performer and assurance has assumed an indispensable job in her prosperity which she discovers deserving of esteem.

“Beyonce resembles a symbol to me. Beyonce buckles down and accomplishes all that she gets, wherever she must. I trust she works for it and that extremely praiseworthy to me”, she expressed


Adina additionally imparted her insights about individuals sees on her being in the shadows for a really long time.

“I’m headed and I’m not there yet. For many individuals will ask him, indeed what’s going on with you and I reveal to them we have an arrangement and I generally realized I needed to confide in my procedure. There’s one thing my director dependably exhort that it is extremely unlikely you ought to be amped up for progress if it’s not by legitimacy and that is one thing that has held me within proper limits” she told

“In the event that everything looks good it would come to me and that is my state of mind and response when individuals ask me. On the off chance that individuals think I’ve achieved, I haven’t. There’s such a great amount to do, more commitments, forfeits and I’m prepared to do it”, she included.

Adina shot into the spotlight when she joined the unscripted TV drama Stars of The Future 2008 where she rose as the winner.

Her hit single ‘Past the point of no return’ won her two honors, Record of the year and Best Female Vocalist of the year at the recently held Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.


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