Atta Mills’ Family Wants His Body Back!


Family of late Ghanaian President, John Evans Atta Mills has been left fuming at the state of his burial place, the Asomdwee Park, branding it unfit and unworthy of him.

The demise of the former President set his family at war with State protocol as the family demanded to bury him in his hometown, Ekumfi Otuam. That request was shoved aside for a more prestigious send-off, coloured with the glows of a presidential farewell.

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The Asomdwee Park

After giving way for their son to be buried at the newly allocated grounds for presidential burials, family of the former President are nauseated by the state of the Asomdwee Park, calling it a hideout for marijuana smokers and prostitutes who have thronged the otherwise serene site.

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Late President Mills

Paul Ackom, a spokesman for the Mills family has expressed displeasure at the state of the Asomdwee park which is being littered with cattle excreta and stray animals. Chucked by the shocking breaches of security and the mess at the state cemetery, he has asserted that discussions have commenced for a re-burial of the ex-statesman in his hometown.

“I visited Asomdwee Park on Saturday, June 8, 2019, and what even killed my soul was when I saw a man sitting on the tomb and smoking weed. I was really hurt,” he lamented.

He says the state’s inability to keep its promise of honoring the memory of the late President is key reason for their push for a re-burial in Ekumfi Otuam.


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