Are we under the umbrella as our party symbol suggest ?- NDC quizzed ?

The Young Cadres Association of the National Democratic Congress has called for an immediate ceasefire in the opposition party.

The NDC has been struggling with internal wrangling as counter accusations have taken center stage of the party.

Dr. Valerie Sawyerr, a former Chief of Staff in an article launched an attack on the former Attorney General, Martin Amidu for his continual verbal attacks on the NDC and former president John Mahama.

“Respectfully Martin, cut the crap! You have achieved your aim … the NDC is in opposition. I challenge you to resign from the NDC since you no longer promote the cause of the NDC. Or do you also subscribe to the agenda to destroy to take over? The agenda that is based on the premise that it is easier to take over the NDC when it is in Opposition!,” She wrote.

Mr. Amidu, in a response to her, said he would continue to defend Ghana’s constitution and not be intimidated by members of the NDC.

The former Attorney General stressed that his “war” against the Mills/Mahama Government was rooted in the looting of GHc 51 million by the Government and Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

In a statement issued by the NDC youth wing, Young Cadres Association’s General Secretary, Mr Bright Botchway indicated that the washing of the party’s dirty clothes in the public domain do not reflect on the party’s National Anthem which stated, ‘Ghana, our strength in unity’.

Below is the full statement

General Secretary ( Bright Botchway ) Young Cadres …YCA , writes;


I write to express my views and opinions regarding the intra-wrangling in the Akatamanso family.

Political parties had existed, still, exists and would continue to exist. Most of which had collapsed by reason of several challenges which was not properly treated as such.

Political parties like any other association(s) are always established on the principles of philosophy and a common goal without which such a party cannot stand firm.

We need to as a party, shun the attitude( s ) of washing our dirty clothes in the public domain if only we are ready and remain true to our anthem whose portion states, *Ghana, our strength in unity*. With this, where lies our internal/partisan strength since the chemistry between unity and strength is of positive correlation ….????

A father whose children goes wayward and later render apology for their actions and inactions ought to be considered wise and a father to whom such apology is rendered, needs to advise his children for the sake of unforeseen circumstances other than exposing his children forgetting he is destroying his generation for which he will be remembered.

Why this internal cracks …??

Why this intra-party brouhaha this early ….???

Where is our philosophy stating that, the party believes in the principles of social democracy ….???

Why must we be at loggerheads whiles the grassroots remain united ahead of 2020 …???

How can we wake up from our sleep just to watch and hear fictive words from someone who was once a sensitive figure and once played justice roles within the immediate past President’s administration …????

Are we under the umbrella as suggested by our party symbol …??? *( Elephants that scatter in bushes even have their censors at work ).*


We need to pretend and act just like fools to skip the traps of our opponents and forge ahead. You and I can simply tell that, this crack has been created due to the self – value we individually impose on our inner conscience as executives, founding fathers and past party ambassador(s).

The national executive committee of our dear party needs a thorough restructure of some or all constituents as we gear towards our national executive elections as part of our internal reorganization exercise.

We need to revisit the party’s constitution and not only to materialise but also reinforce it as how it was during the early days of our party’s birth.

We should follow the goodwill of our party alongside that of our motherland at this critical time of social democracy and accountability.

I believe we can make progress having considered this piece.


Share it if you love and have the blood of this party as I do.

Long live Young Cadres

Long live NDC

Long live Ghana.