Anti-EC Protests Ahead!

Chairperson of EC, Jean Mensah

By William Sarpong

Coalition Against Rigging Election 2020 (CARE2020) is sounding strong warning to Ghana’s Electoral Commission (EC) never to dream of skewing any election in favour of any political party in the country.

“Forget about any intentions to rig election 2020. We at CARE2020 have accepted the Constitutional obligation to resist any attempt to rig 2020 for any political party whether NDC or NPP”.

CARE2020 says, its members do not intent to attack the person of any of the chairpersons of the Electoral Commission, but rather will subject the operations of the EC to rigorous scrutiny and responsibility.

The leadership of CARE 2020 says it intends to serve as a watchdog to protect the enviable record of Ghana and to ensure persistent and sustained improvement in standards of democracy.

At a press conference, the Convener of CARE2020, Eric Nii Odartey Lamprey argued that the posture of the Electoral Commission recently as reflected in the conduct of some of its principal officers does not appear consistent with that of the former principal commission who discharged themselves creditably.

Ghana over the years, CARE2020 observed, has been applauded both locally and internationally for its credible electoral systems and smooth transfer of power from one political party to the other.

“Dear friends of the media, we at CARE2020 are deeply worried about the utterances, conduct and posture of the Jean Mensah led EC which feeds into the perception that the leadership of the EC is yielding to a political pressure from the current NPP government led by Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo, the president of the republic”.

CARE2020, the convener averred, is not against a credible voters’ register and that, they recognize the significance of a clean and credible register, as it underpins the very foundation of democracy, free and fair elections and also deepens the credibility of the entire electoral process.

He added that changing a whole register at a huge cost and budgetary implications without establishing the very reasons that make it a necessity in the face of economic hardships and other development problems make it difficult for many to comprehend.

CARE2020 is demanding that the EC shares as a matter of importance “their so-called scientific research with all relevant stakeholders to bring closure to the urgent need for a new register.”

Convener warned, “CARE2020 will mobilize Ghanaians across the country in perpetual demonstrations against the Electoral Commission, if they should go ahead to force any unilateral electoral decision on the people”.


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