Amissah-Arthur’s Death: Stop seeking cheap popularity – Stan Dogbe slams Okyenhene

Amoatia Ofori Panyin
Former Presidential staffer under the erstwhile NDC administration, Stanislav Dogbe has advised the Okyenhene Ofori Panyin Amoatia to stop talking about the last few hours of the late Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur.

He said the chief of Akyem is seeking cheap popularity with his utterances since the death of the former Vice President.

The Okyenhene had recounted the circumstances that led to the passing of Amissah-Arthur on Friday to the media which he said due to the lack of an ambulance, the late VP was conveyed to the 37 Military Hospital in a pickup.

Stan DogbeStan Dogbe

This statement didn’t go down well with Dogbe who took to Facebook to slam the chief. Stan Dogbe argued that, the Okyehene “had a luxury vehicle there, and many others had their cars there, if he had a good heart and a spirit of helping others, maybe; just maybe, he would have sent him to the hospital in his car.”

He further urged the Paramount chief to “cease the recklessness of seeking cheap popularity by going to public events and seeking to share coloured stories. Granted that he was sent to the hospital in someone’s vehicle, a pick-up, is the back seat of the vehicle, the bucket of the pick-up as his statement sort to portray. Which gym in this country has a standby ambulance anyway?


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