Amidu strikes calling Kofi Adams and Koku Anyidoho two attack dogs

Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Martin Amidu has released his latest article rubbishing reports that he is on the payroll of  the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and also jealous of former president John Mahama hence his constant critic of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

Mr. Amidu in his previous article alleged that Madam Charlotte Osei was appointed as the EC boss under the premise of rigging the 2016 General Election in favor former president Mahama.

This statement did not go down well with some bigwigs of the NDC.

Mr. Koku Anyidoho the Deputy General Secretary in his response accused Martin Amidu of doing the bidding of his paymasters the NPP, while Mr. Kofi Adams the party’s National Organizer also accused him of being jealous of former president Mahama.

But in his article Mr. Amidu described those statements as unfounded.

‘’As for Koku Anyidoho’s recent timid insinuation that I may be in the payroll of the NPP, it is an old and tested lie taking its roots from the ganging up from the first publications of the NDC rented press starting from 3rd January 2012 accusing me of favouring the NPP and prosecuting NDC supporters and financiers. I had intelligence back then that Koku Anyidoho as the Communications Director at the Presidency was the conduit that was used to orchestrate the personal attacks and character assassinations because I was exposing those involved in Woyome gate.

Kofi Adams’ spurious allegations that my crusade to defend the Constitution against corrupt and abusive governments “is borne out of envy, jealousy and hatred for Former President John Dramani Mahama because he was not given another opportunity as running mate of the party,” is also an old indecorous personal attack recycled for lack of any credible and objective answers to my constitutional challenges to the John Mahama Government. This effusive response has popped-up any time I raise constitutional challenges against the Mahama Government. Similar attacks and assassinations of character were made in June 2015. ‘’