“Am Going Nowhere” – Dr. Kofi Amoah


Upset chairman of the GFA Normalization Committee (NC), Dr Kofi Amoah, whose apparent displeasure with the Ministry Of Sports for its role in the setting up of a committee to sort out the organization of a Special Football Competition for clubs, has cleared the air on his rumored withdrawal from strategic affairs of the commission.

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Reports of Dr Amoah feeling sidestepped by the Sports Ministry while faulting it for stealing the NC’s mandate peaked up to suggesting he was getting ready to step aside from the NC as a move of protest.

However, the assertive businessman has vehemently denied such resignation rumors, expressing his will to please the President of the Republic and meet his expectations of him and the NC.

He affirmed, “It’s not true that I want to resign because if I wanted to, I will just go ahead and do it without saying anything”.  He further urged all stakeholders to work together to achieve what is expected of them.


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