‘Afenyo Markin Is The Problem Of Winneba’ – James Annan; Prez, Challenging Heights


President of Challenging Heights James Kofi Annan has stated that Member of Parliament for Afutu Alexander Afenyo Markin is the problem of Winneba and that he wants to hijack the University.

Mr. Annan was speaking to issues regarding the resignation of current Vice Chancellor of the University Reverend Father Afful-Broni a call which was made by the Afutu MP on the basis of unilateral action of which he (current VC) complained about his predecessor, former VC Prof. Mawutor Avoke.

According to Mr. Annan, there is an attempt by Hon. Markin to hijack the University and also control the management, recruitment and transfers but it seems to have backfired, hence the behaviour he is exhibiting.

Mr. Annan who is also an alumni of the institution stated that, the challenges of the people of Winneba is because of the Afutu MP and that both VC’s have a common enemy which is the Afutu legislator.

“Afenyo is the problem of Efutu and Winneba. He has hijacked the whole system and wants to destroy it. I don’t know why he is doing this but I am going to resist him. I want Prof. Avoke and Prof. Afful-Broni to know that their common enemy is Afenyo Markin” he narrated.

Asked why he wants the current VC to resign Hon Markin stressed that, “the VC has taken certain unilateral action like awarding contract to undeserving contracts and also involved in some procurement breach”.

Speaking to claims made by Mr. Annan, the Afutu legislator said ” it is all political talks. The last thing i will do is to say unpalatable things about James in the media”.


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