“A-Star Never Credited Me For Kupe Dance” – Incredible Zigi


Dancer and Originator of the viral Kupe dance, Incredible Zigi, has lamented on how A-Star (Originator of the Kupe Song) has failed to acknowledge him for his efforts in making the song a viral sensation.

Speaking to Prince Osei, Host of the Saturday Morning Vibes Show on Ghana Crusader Radio, Incredible Zigi explained that after creating the Kupe dance he contacted his friend A-star who is based in the UK to make a song that will be used for his Kupe Dance Challenge.

He added that after the song became a big hit, his friend A-star completely sidelined him even after attempts to reach out to him.

‘’He has been to Germany, he has been to Belgium, he has been to Canada, he has been to US, at least put me on one of the tours erh’’ Incredible Zigi lamented.

He however mentioned that he holds no grudges against his friend A-star and is looking forward to bigger opportunities to push his dance career even higher. In the latter part of 2018, the Kupe song took the whole showbiz sphere by storm with the #KupeChallenge. Several social mrs jumped on the wave to create their own dance videos with the viral hit.

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Here’s a snippet of the interview:


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