Gold Coast Fund Management Promises To Pay Customers


The management of investment firm, Gold Coast Fund Management (GCFM) has pledged its commitment to clearing all outstanding debts to customers within the shortest possible time.

This assurance comes after the coalition of Aggrieved Customers of the Fund Management company gave government five days to intervene by retrieving their locked up investments or they hit the street in protest.

Investors of the Groupe Ndoum has asked management to as a matter of urgency, negotiate and pay at least, half of their investments.

In a release, management of the Gold Coast Fund Management (GCFM) has admitted that, “all over the world, it is known that investments are not guaranteed and that sometimes the decisions made by investment companies are successful while other times, they fail”.

Meanwhile, the company has assured customers of payment, saying, “We want our customers and the general public to know that we at GCFM have adopted an aggressive but respectful approach to recover the funds due to our company so we can meet our obligations. At the same time, as our investments produce cash, we continue to meet requests from customers.”

The statement also added that, “Our priorities are to clear arrears from 2018 due to those whose requests for redemptions and interest have been approved and payments due for emergencies and to pensioners”.

Managers of the Gold Coast Fund Management has revealed that “even in the midst of the challenges, our company has disbursed about GH₵ 60 million to its customers”.

Since June 2018, regulator of the sector, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) asked investment companies to wind down guaranteed products, misconceptions and miscommunication, leading to disruptions in fund mobilizations and disbursements of some companies, including GCFM.

Gold Coast Fund Management is an investment – banking firm and a licensed Investment Advisory company regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, specialized in Fund Management, Capital and Money Market, Asset Management, Equity Market Research, Pension Advisory and Financial Advisory Services.


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