5 Reasons Why Girls Accept To Be Side Chicks

Why Girls Accept To Be A Sidechick

The world is rapidly changing and many have embraced different types of culture irrespective of its damage.

In recent times,some Ghanaian girls would consider being a sidechick for several reasons which will blow your mind. Women marry their fellow women, likewise men and to some women, it’s more comfortable to be a sidechick to a man rather than being the mainchick.

It makes people wonder why a beautiful lady would rather be a sidechick and we’ve the answer to that question in this article. I bring to you some 5 factual reasons why a girl would accept to be a sidechick when we interviewed random matured ladies.

1. For Material Stuff

According to some ladies, they would accept being a sidechick just to have things they want. To them, so far as they are getting material things and the guy is taking them out for shopping, they are not bothered being the sidechick.

2. For Adoration

Some women succumb to a guy who’s dating to be his sidechick. She needs something she can’t have all to herself so she better accept being a sidechick or lose him until the end of time.

3. Good Sex

Oh yes, one lady we interviewed said she’ll readily be a sidechick so far as the guy humps her to her satisfaction and she doesn’t really care about material stuffs or affection, all she wants is her waist.

4. Attention

Girls love to be given attention and to have that attention, she’s ready to be the sidechick just to make her friends know she’s being given an attention by her guy.

5. Fear Of Being Single

Some ladies don’t care about being single but the ones who do care will do anything just to be a sidechick. The fear of being single could affect a girl mentally, emotionally and she will willingly accept to be a sidechick to a guy who’s even married with kids because she’s definitely afraid of being single and not getting a man to love her.

Source: www.buzzslate.com


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