Brandon Ryat: 15 year-old teenager commits suicide over several girlfriends

randon Ryat: 15 year-old teenager commits suicide over several girlfriends

Reports indicate that a 15 year old teenager has killed himself due to the constant bullying from his friends because of the attention he got from girls at school.

After constantly being called a peadophile for months and threats they would raped his mother, he decided to end his life.

This abuse was so severe that he started suffering psychological problems according to reports.

Despite the sacrifice by his mother a hairdresser to quit her job to help her son through the trauma , he just could not withstand it so he gave up.

His parents revealed that after they became aware of their sons predicament, he had severally attempted  attempted suicide before his death.

According to his mother, Mina, “the bullies got in his head and sucked the life out of him, it just wasn’t Brandon.

“Brandon was a handsome boy and a lot of girls took a shine to him as he got older, I think the bullies were jealous of that.

“He even shaved his hair off so he could be like them, he just wanted to be accepted.

“He wanted to go to university and become a doctor, he had his whole life planned out. But these boys were relentless.

“He used to love school, but within a few weeks of the bullying starting, he was asking us to move to another country so he would never see them again.”

Brandon Rayat was unfortunately subjected to both physical and online abuse to the extent that he could not go to for fear of his oppressors .

His parents on the other hand are determined to get justice for their son.

According to the Daily mail, Brandon had initially broken up with his girlfriend until the abuse became serious when he had a breakdown.

Some of his friends told us that he got a lot of attention from girls at school who liked him and that went against him.

“He had started telling me he didn’t want to go school and that he didn’t like the people there but I didn’t realise how bad thing were until he had the breakdown.

“He came running into the house one day and he was screaming, ‘I want to die, I want to die’.

“I had never seen him like this before so I made a GP appointment,” his mother said.

The development compelled parents of the teenager to refer him to The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) where he attended 11 appointments.

He continued to suffer constant abuse after the Psychiatric medical care when his friends noticed the female attention he received and isolated him, calling him a “paedo” and others.

Further reports suggest that during an ICT lesson, bullies showed Brandon a Google Maps image of his home and told him, “We know where you live, we are going to rape your mum.”

He then reportedly run out of twice after been punched by the bullies .

“I had never seen him like this before so I made a GP appointment,” his mother said.

We did everything we could as parents,’’ I felt there was nowhere else to turn but were just passed around like no one cared.’’

Coroners also concluded their investigation by stating that the mental health facility missed the opportunity  to access him after reports that he had tied a belt around his neck.