Video: Obinim Chases Nam1, Others Over Locked Cash


The founder of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has taken up a new role of collecting monies for members of his congregation here in Accra. According to ‘angel’ Obinim in a video, the monies which have been locked up in some defunct banks like Beige Capital, GN Banks,DKM, Capital Bank, and Gold dealership firm Menzgold.

According to the self acclaimed ‘angel’, his spiritual prowess should not be undermined, as he takes steps to retrieve their monies for them. He made this revelation when he was preaching at the Accra branch of his church.

The controversial pastor in a bid to garner the trust of his congregants, hinted that, he holds the blueprint to present himself to the the owners of the banks. Obinim, in his usual overconfident posture, noted that, he will call out the account number and names of his affected church members in order to receive their monies at the blind side other affected clients of the said banks.

“was the bank not constructed by human beings?. I have a way to present myself to the owners as a certain type of influential person, or i will either spiritually appear in their dream or physically in their presence”. He said in Twi.

Obinim in his usual self-style delivery of his sermon said, ” i have retrieved monies to the tune of 700 million for so many people. It is based on your believe and you must believe it”. He said.

Watch Video Below:


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