$100k Saga : Alan Kyeremanteng  reveals 9 expatriates contributed

Minister for Trade Alan kyeremanteng has revealed that there were contributions by expatriate business in the cash-for-seat saga even though none of them paid $100,000 in order to sit at the presidential table as alleged.

Mr Kyeremanteng told a five member committee hearing the case on Friday January 12, 2018 that, he personally sat at the table on the event and “17 persons, including His Excellency the President” in total, were at the presidential high table on the night of the program.

“Mr Chairman, for the avoidance of doubt, none of the persons mentioned made a contribution of $100,000 prior to the event,” he stated.


He further explained that: “There were representatives of organizations who did not make any monetary contributions before and after the event. There were three of them; these were individuals who were seated at the high table but made no contributions either before or after the event”.


Additionally, Mr Kyeremateng told the committee that: “The number of persons on the list under reference who made contributions prior to the event were seven” adding that two individuals also made contributions after the event.


“I know that there was one individual who was seated on the high table who has come out publicly to confirm that he paid GHS 13,000,” he further clarified.