10 things to note before you graduate from any tertiary institution in Ghana


As someone whose tertiary education days are behind me, I’ve seen it all. Here is a little wisdom that I learned during my time at school which I hope can help you make some sense of dating, studies and work during and after life in the university or any tertiary institution you find yourself in.

  1. As a woman, you should pay more attention to your books than playing the role of a premature wife! Time spent in washing your boy friend’s clothes could have been used in learning a skill or two. A girlfriend is not a wife.

2.  Know how to write and update your CV/résumé better. CV writing is not rocket science. Don’t be a graduate who can’t write a CV.

3. You should try to spend your vacation doing more voluntary work than just staying home idle watching soaps and telenovelas. Volunteerism is skill development!

4. As a lady, invest more in your skills than your skin. A bright skin doesn’t necessarily mean a bright future.

5. Make it a hobby to read more books and not just their covers or titles. Read more newspapers and not just their headlines. The best travel experience is to read.

6. Developed your mind power not just manpower. Invest more into your mind than stomach. Indeed, mind power will always rule over manpower!

7.  Know that your roommates could be “big shots” in the near future. You should not quarrel with them over Gari. You shouldn’t be at loggerheads because of Kenkey. Try your best to treat them better!

8. Find passion and pursue it with all your heart. Passion is about following your heart not stomach. After graduation your passion could find you a job not program of study.

9.  You should know that the batteries of most Chinese phones lasted longer than most campus relationships. You kill yourself over someone’s daughter for four [bad] years only for them to even forget your contact number when the reality of national service hardship sets in!

10.  And you may never apply whatever you’ve been taught in the lecture hall in real life. Thus, pay more attention to how you can pass life’s exams than school’s exams!


Freddy Mawuli