Government’s statement on Delta Force release hypocritical – Lawyer Amaliba

A private legal practitioner, Abraham Amaliba has described as disingenuous the explanation by the Ministry of Information on the discharge of some members of pro-NPP vigilante group, Delta Force on Wednesday.

He argued that the prosecutor could not have taken any unilateral decision in such a grave legal matter of high public interest.

For him, the ministry’s intervention is only a damage control mechanism employed by the government to cover up the shame in that decision taken by the court.

“That statement emanating from the Ministry of Information is a cock and bull story…the Attorney General’s rep in Kumasi will not take a decision of such a matter which is of national interest without recourse to his bosses in Accra. Even if that was the case, that the reps unilaterally took that decision, the buck still stops with the Attorney General here in Accra, he told Accra-based Citi FM.

The government says it is investigating circumstances under which a state prosecutor handling the pro-NPP Delta Force saga discontinued a pending case at a Kumasi Circuit court for lack of evidence.

The court Wednesday was compelled to discharge eight members of the Delta force standing trial for unlawfully freeing some of their colleagues from lawful custody following a disclosure made to the court by the prosecution to the effect that they did not have the evidence to try the matter.

But after several backlash from the public, the Ministry of Information in a statement alleged that the prosecutor took the decision unilaterally.


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